Ghost / Nothing More - 10/10/2019 Youngstown, OH Review

Ghost with support from Nothing More
The Ultimate Tour Named Death
Covelli Center
Youngstown, Ohio
October 10, 2019

On Thursday, the tenth of October, in the year twenty nineteen, I jumped in my buddies Camaro as we raced down Route 11. We were giddy with anticipation of seeing a favorite band of ours, the almighty GHOST! In our midst was a friend that had yet to see the pale band named Ghost, a virgin to the rock and roll, satanic musings of a group of Swedes. He was stoked to be deflowered by Cardinal Copia and his numerous Nameless Ghouls.

Before we get to our ritual with Ghost, Nothing More took the stage. Hailing from San Antonio, Nothing More brought a foreshadowing of the nights later rock style. The band shocked the audience by starting their set in pitch black with a blaring storm siren being crank atop a ladder by the lead singer. After that initial shock, we were greeted with superb vocal harmonies, radio friendly breakdowns and a high energy stage presence. If you need to take a break from boring radio rock, Nothing More is a breath of fresh air with their entertaining live set.

Now time for the main event. In preparation for the loving Satanic Swedes, incense is piped into the crowd like we were at Easter Sunday mass, but instead of a boring priest, Cardinal Copia is here to guide us through baptism of retro arena rock a la Blue Oyster Cult. The band of the Cardinal and Ghouls, also gives us some aural foreplay of haunting Roman Catholic tune, Miserere Mei, Deus from Gregorio Allegri. Now that we are all nice and lubed up, The Nameless Ghouls take the stage. Cardinal Copia then takes the stage, in possibly one of his last shows in the state of Ohio, as it has been announced that a new Papa will grace the stage for their next album cycle, slated to begin next year.

Ghost blasted through nearly a two hour, twenty song set consisting of songs heavily off of their third album, Meliora while touching on every album in their catalog. Copia would go through multiple suit changes, from a near Joker looking maroon to white to black. The Nameless Ghouls dueled guitar solos back and for as interludes to songs, sarcastically motioning that one was more proficient  than their counterpart. One of my favorite moments of the show was during the instrumental tune, Miasma, a Ghoul started to shred a keytar solo, followed by the only appearance of the eldest Papa, Papa Nihil, ripping a solo of his own but on a saxophone. Nihil put so much effort into his solo that he needed to take some hits off of an oxygen tank, hilarious. Not to be outdone by his father superior, Copia would trek out onto the stage riding a comically large olde tricycle during the set.

In closing, I highly recommend attending an aural ritual from the band named Ghost. Cardinal Copia or Papa, depending when experience them with greatly entertain you with his funny quips, succulent voice and operatic gestures. Ghost is thankfully praising their dark lord around the world in arenas, proselytizing the peace and love that only Satanism can give our species. Get out their a participate in the unholy ritual.

– Ed Battes




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Having been groomed on the riffs of Metallica and Megadeth, and the dark emotions of Soundgarden and Alice In Chains, Empty Trail distil the best parts of these most iconic heavy hitting bands while maintaining authenticity. Hailing from Austin, Texas and comprised of members Rick Lambert (vocals and guitar), Shane Wallin (bass), and Rom Gov (drums), Empty Trail’s music is catchy as hell and even poppy at times, each song on their forthcoming debut EP, ‘Lost,’ stands alone as well as complimenting the other tracks.

Released on October 18th via Golden Robot Records, the ‘Lost’ features five selections, including the following descriptions from the band:

Wait Around – It’s a state of demotivation. Just feeling as if things always go bad, so why even try. No matter how high I feel, I know I’m going to crash through the ground and have to rebuild all of who I am. Again. An intense rock track with brooding lyrics.

Every Toll – It’s dependency on a relationship that’s bad for you. Trying to keep someone weak so they stay with you, because you aren’t strong enough to be alone. You accept the minimum because you feel that’s all you’re worth. Metal riffs mixed with almost rappy vocals.

Reality – What’s real? From full on confidence to major insecurity. What’s the truth? Is it all subjective in the end? Does anyone TRULY know anything? We know what we feel. But can we separate what we want to feel and believe from objective reality? A bouncy, catchy rock track, yet with a dark rock and roll mix.

Lost – The world used to be so beautiful. But now I don’t know what to think. I’m still searching for that missing piece. Even though it may seem like anger, it’s really loss. Grieving something that you can’t seem to find anymore. I want to feel free again. An angry and emotional ballad with a big chorus.

My World – You will never truly comprehend what that other person next to you is going through. We all wear a really good mask. We tend to separate ourselves from others. But we are all much more alike than we think. Some of us just hide it better than others. An Introspective, grungy song about hiding your authentic feelings from the world.

A new music video has been released for the track “Lost (viewable at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0s1AIPl6Lc), while a lyric video for the standout track “My World” is available for viewing (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpJgR3TcBXU), the latter of which is a song that saw Empty Trail crack the US Top 40 Radio Charts and debut week of release at #2 behind only the mighty Metallica.

Also, a special bundle option is available to purchase both the EP and a t-shirt, via https://store.goldenrobotrecords.com/browse/empty-trail/products/empty-trail-bundle-tshirt-and-lost-ep.

Overall, Lambert describes the EP as, “It’s introspection. What do we believe? How do those beliefs make us feel? We are trying to understand ourselves. I want to understand myself. I need to understand myself.” And come October 18th, the rest of the world will get to hear this exciting new band.


Lost EP Tracklisting:


  1. Wait Around
  2. Every Toll
  3. Reality
  4. Lost
  5. My World

Pre Order now here: smarturl.it/emptytrail-lost


Follow Empty Trail

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Web

Golden Robot Records online:

Web | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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CROBOT, Vultan and The Velvematics - Oct 27th at The Winchester Music Tavern

Oct 27th at The Winchester Music Tavern – CROBOT, Vultan and The Velvematics

Mark your calendar and move some things around as Crobot makes their annual trek through the Cleveland area. In support of the band our Cleveland fearless rockers VULTAN and The Velvematics.

If you are into some hard groove rock you gotta make your way to this show and live the experience and know you will get hooked into these bands.

The Winchester Music Tavern
12112 Madison Ave
Lakewood, Ohio
Tickets $10 Adv $15 DOS

Get your tickets here they can be delivered via mail or in person.

RSVP if you can make it or interested

Follow: Crobot | Vultan | The Velvematics





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#570 MTRS - In Memory Of Oli Herbert

Tonight we bring up the anniversary of Oli Herbert’s death.  Oct 17th marks the anniversary.  Oli was such an awesome guitarist and individual. He has left a huge mark on this earth. Will never be forgotten. We played an interview that Dom did with Oli a while back and it was cool to hear him again.

We also talked about the upcoming RocktoberTour with Vultan. Vultan will be performing this month with Quiet Riot and Crobot at the Cleveland Agora October `19th, and the Winchester Music Tavern Oct 27th.

Music Played: Dangerous Toys, All That Remains, Crobot.

We also played the weekly Rock N Metal Newz segment.

Thanks for tuning in to our live broadcast of the Maximum Threshold Radio Show and also thanks for downloading this episode. It means a lot to us for your support.

If you subscribe on iTunes please rate us with 5 stars and please leave a comment as we will read it on air. To download the show. Right click on the DOWNLOAD link above and pick Save As!

Follow us on twitter at @MaxThreshold | facebook like us at facebook.com/maximumthreshold

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The Whisky presents - ANGEL with special guests Shock Frenzy, Stonebreed, Prima Donna Rising, The Hard Way and Angeles

This Friday night Oct 4th you can catch one killer of a lineup at the Whisky A Go-Go. ANGEL with special guests Shock Frenzy, Stonebreed, Prima Donna Rising, The Hard Way and Angeles.  Should be a really great show. All wonderful acts and one powerful headliner.  If you are a fan of classic Angel you will definitely be loving this show.

Hollywood/L.A, Get tickets for our show with Angel on Oct 4th here: http://www.shockfrenzy.com/TicketsWhisky.html or contact a band member!

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Slayer + "Killogy" Movie In Theaters Nov. 6




Slayer, in Conjunction with Trafalgar Releasing, Nuclear Blast Records, and Prime Zero Productions, Announces “Slayer:  The Repentless Killogy.”    T…

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#569 MTRS - Wage War, Okilly Dokilly

From the vault interview with Michael, Dom and Jeff at Rock on the Range they had a blast with the band Wage War and these cats weren’t down with our fun.  Very evident in this interview, this is a must listen to and feel the uncomfortable feelin…

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With more than 80 million albums sold and 16 Top 30 hits, Foreigner are universally hailed as one of the most popular rock acts in the world…

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Joyous Wolf Premiere “Quiet Heart” Video WATCH here + Touring With Deep Purple

Southern California rock quartet Joyous Wolf, described by the Los Angeles Times as a “mix of rugged grunge and blues,”  premiere their official music video for “Quiet Heart.” The song appears on Joyous Wolf’s new EP A Place in Time, available now via Roadrunner Records. The performance-driven video captures the band in their most natural state — performing onstage.

Watch it here.

The band is currently supporting Deep Purple on their North American headline tour [itinerary below]. For tickets and more information visit here.


9/26 — Orlando, FL — Walt Disney Theatre at Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts
9/27 — St. Petersburg, FL — Mahaffey Theater
9/29 — Atlanta, GA — Coca-Cola Roxy
9/30 — Nashville, TN — Andrew Jackson Hall
10/2 — Washington, DC — Warner Theatre
10/4 — Monticello, NY — Resorts World Catskills
10/5 — Boston, MA — Orpheum Theater
10/8 — New York, NY — Beacon Theatre – NY
10/9 — Uncasville, CT — Mohegan Sun Convention Center
10/10 — Upper Darby, PA — Tower Theater
10/11 — Sacramento, CA — Discovery Park
10/12 — Indianapolis, IN — Murat Theatre at Old National Centre
10/13 — Milwaukee, WI — Riverside Theatre
10/15 — Detroit, MI — Fox Theatre Detroit
10/16 — Northfield, OH — MGM Northfield Park
10/18 — Rosemont, IL — Rosemont Theatre

Joyous Wolf’s lineup consists of vocalist Nick Reese, guitarist Blake Allard, bassist Greg Braccio, and drummer Robert Sodaro. Reese and Sodaro met on their first day of sixth grade during student orientation. They went to different high schools where Sodaro would go on to befriend Braccio. During that time Reese, by chance, met Allard in the acoustic room at Guitar Center where they would jam CCR’s “Born on the Bayou.” There was an immediate dynamic between the two that ultimately led to an exchange of information. Months later Reese reached out to both Sodaro and Allard with the interest of starting a new project with them. Braccio would soon follow suit.

In the waning months of 2014 early jam sessions would yield the foundation of what Joyous Wolf have become. Fusing together influences ranging from heavy metal to Delta blues, Joyous Wolf create an expressive, high-energy fingerprint that separates themselves from their contemporaries in the realm of modern rock.

This is only the beginning.

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M3 Rockfest – slated May 4th and May 5th

Now in its tenth year, M3 Rock Festival has grown from an up-and-comer to the definitive way to party like it’s 1989. Starting with the annual Kix-Off Party on Friday and heading straight into the festival on Saturday, M3 features enough hard rock and hair metal bands to make your head spin (although, let’s be […]

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INCUYA COMES TO CLEVELAND AEG ANNOUNCES NEW SUMMER FESTIVAL Cleveland, the home of rock and roll, will host along-awaited music festival on August 25 and 26, 2018. The festival, InCuya™, will celebrate the origins, diversity, and evolution of rock with a music and cultural festival in the heart of downtown Cleveland on The Malls. The […]