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Maximum Threshold is a hard rock/metal and sometimes comedy site/station dedicated to presenting up and coming hard rock bands, current successful bands as well as brings you some of the biggest names in the music industry every week for interviews. Everything from Rock Stars to Comedians to Actors and others.

MT Site also provides an Entertainment twist which covers numerous avenues. From Movies, Concerts, Sporting Events MT will cover it and bring it to you. MT has recently developed MT TV to bring you a visual version of entertainment.

Maximum Threshold Radio Network is not responsible for any material played on the network by any of the programs.



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PITTSBURGH PENGUINS TO USE "TRENCHES" FOR NHL PLAYOFFS THEME SONG (NEW YORK, NY) - To celebrate "Torn to Pieces," their third single going top 5, POP EVIL have debuted a brand new music video for the track, directed by long time director Johan Carlén exclusively via LOUDWIRE.COM The song deals with the loss of loved ones, something everyone is bound to go through. “Digging up the past can be very difficult,” says vocalist Leigh Kakaty, “Losing someone close to you has a healing process, and I choose to do it through this video.”

Volbeat To Begin Near Sold Out Spring US Tour On April 3rd -



Band Wins "Best International Alternative Act" Echo Award In Germany

Selected Over 30 Seconds To Mars, Placebo, Imagine Dragons and Black Sabbath

Denmark -- Volbeat returns to North America this week on a tour that takes the band coast-to-coast. The run begins at The Fillmore in Denver, CO on April 3, and will wrap on May 10 at the Susquehanna Bank Center Arena in Camden, NJ. Sold-out appearances include Denver, CO (4/03 - Fillmore), Mescalero, NM (4/04 - Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort), Anaheim, CA (4/06 - The Grove), Spokane, WA (4/11 - Knitting Factory ), Missoula, MT (4/15 - Wilma Theatre), Fargo, ND (4/17 - The Venue), Niagara Falls, NY (5/05 - Rapids Theatre) and Hampton Beach, NH (5/09 - Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom). The majority of the dates on the band's itinerary are close being sold-out as well. Trivium and Digital Summer will support Volbeat on this excursion.

This past week, Volbeat won Germany's Echo Award for "Best International Alternative Act" (pictured above). The quartet was selected over other contenders in the category 30 Seconds To Mars, Placebo, Imagine Dragons, and Black Sabbath.


Since the release of the band's latest album Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies via Republic in the U.S., the title has sold more than 300,000 copies according to Soundscan, alongside hundreds of thousands of digital singles. Volbeat received their first Grammy Nomination in the "Best Metal Performance" category for "Room 24" (Volbeat Featuring King Diamond). The band's repertoire has become a staple at Active Rock radio, cementing the band's relevance with five consecutive #1 singles at the format. Their latest "Dead But Rising" climbs to #3 this week at Active Rock. Overseas, Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies has been certified platinum in their home country of Denmark, alongside Germany and Austria, with gold sales in Finland.

Seeds of War Interview on Maximum Threshold Radio -


Seeds of War Interview on Maximum Threshold Radio

Radchad catches up with the SoCal metal band Seeds of War. A hard working metal band that has been climbing the metal ladder with alot of strength and momentum. Rad talks with the band about upcoming recordings, touring, opening for Kill Devil Hill and
much more. A fun and entertaining interview.

Members: Craig Grimes Vocals Donnie Copley Rhythm guitar Eric Chavez Lead guitar Kevin Bowman Bas I

Pantera, Metalica, Slayer, all early original thrash metal, Disturbed, Hate breed & more

Bio: Slowly churning over the years in the heart of Long Beach the absolute influence of metal has forged the beings that make up the supporting cast of the Seeds Of War soldiers. Although recently formed in its entirety, this band of metal mercenaries has set out to meld its own signature of sound. In early 2012 the world was introduced to this new war movement, Seeds Of War. With big sound, big movement and big meaning SOW has managed to spread the seed and has made an impressionable mark on the metal scene. In January 2013, “We Are At War” along with “Prideful Demise” was released to the masses as a two song demo and has been well received. All mixed and mastered by SOW at the Sound Bunker Studios show casing the full capabilities of this band. Seeds Of War’s message and meaning can be related to all, but is specifically aimed at those who hear it through the powerful voice of metal. We all have our own wars and we all live in a world of war, “We are at war”!

Contact SOW:
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Craig 562-239-5669 s Joe Ziegler Drums

Connect with Seeds of War
Facebook | Reverbnation | Official 


CD Review: Steel Panther - "All You Can Eat" (2014)

Steel Panther – “All You Can Eat” (2014)

The wait is over, the return of Steel Panther with a brand new release “All You Can Eat.” This CD has all you can dream about or wanted from Steel Panther. It has all the love, story-lines, and love advice packed into one delicious release.  Steel Panther are coming off their last album “Balls Out”(2011) which garnered international spotlights and national airplay on terrestrial stations with the single “17 Girls In A Row.”

Steel Panther has been on the road and supporting the upcoming release with putting out videos to “All You Can Eat” which showed “Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World” which has been a major viewing success on the net. The followup video “The Burden of Being Wonderful” is on a continuous rise.

“All You Can Eat” starts off with the classic guitar virtuoso playing of Satchel with sweet melodic acoustic buildup to the power drill riff of “Pussywhipped” which has such a strong delicate meaning embedded within it.  This song sets the stage for the entire release. It give you the strength of all the members musically. What you will be surprised to hear is how Michael Starr has progressed vocally. He seems to be lowering his range a bit which opens the band up to more areas sonically. One of the most notably vernacular sound you will hear is Michael’s emphasis on the letter “A.” He seems to be carving his niche and embedding it in the songs and will most likely be passed on to future singers. Sort of like the Axl Rose and James Hetfield’s trademark stylings. Back to the song, it is an all-out ballbuster song with great lyrics as well as Satchel belting out some mighty squeals and harmonics. Rock anthem song “Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World” which captivates the idea of what will happen if this is truly the ending. Why not forget about the bad stuff and worry about partying, sex, and do whatever you have always wanted to do. An instant classic. “Gloryhole” is the riff driven song with screaming solos throughout and of course covers the ideology of what to expect at a “Gloryhole.” Really sweet and bad ass song. Lyrics are extremely catchy and hooky.

CD Review : KXM (Rat Pak Records 2014 - George Lynch, Ray Luzier, Dug Pinnick)-

KXM : FB | other
| Amazon
CD Review : KXM (Rat Pak Records 2014 - George Lynch, Ray Luzier, Dug Pinnick)
By Jeff Kissell

I wish I could tell you that KXM was a project that I knew would happen for the past 21 years, but I would be lying to you. I remember as a young lad, opening the mailbox to see the latest edition of a magazine called "Guitar for the Practicing Musician". It was the October 1993 edition and the cover topic was called "Dream Bands". The magazine asked about 50 of the relevant guitarists at the time, if they could assemble a dream band of their choice, who would it be. George Lynch was one of the ones asked to submit a list. While I can't remember who George named for his dream drummer, bassist, guitarist, etc I do remember that King's X was either the lead or backing vocals for his dream band. Fast forward to 2014 and we have the self titled release from KXM.

There is so much I like about this release. The first three tracks lay the ground for what to expect for the whole album. "Stars", "Rescue Me", and "Gun Fight" have dUg Pinnick's booming lyrics paired with what I will say is George Lynch's tastiest playing in a long time if not ever. After these first 3 hard rock tracks, the listener gets "Never Stop." This is one of the layers of the album that really works. Ballad-like, dare I say a song with country like sounds, you think it won't work but it so does. The next song "Faith Is A Room" has dUg at his best where he transports the listener to a church where Pastor Pinnick is preaching from the pulpit.(Please excuse the alliteration). "I'll Be OK" is the next track and George Lynch gets to shine. Call it an extended solo, call it a double solo, whatever you name it, it rocks. Lynch then follows up this shredfest with a very soulful solo on "Sleep" which matches the dark lyrical content of the song perfectly. The rest of the album is solid as well.

So far I have left Ray Luzier out of the review and that was on purpose because I wanted to save the best for last. In total honesty, I had not heard of Ray Luzier. I stopped buying Korn cd's after "Follow The Leader". Luzier to me is the highlight of this album. His beats, fills, accent's, etc are great and the recording highlights this as to me it is the clearest instrument the listener hears.
The fact that this album was written/recorded in about 10 days proves that the band has great chemistry. I hope to have future releases from KXM and of course to see them on tour.

New Music - SixforNinE

Here's some new Greek music for you to dig your teeth into. The band is SixforNinE. "SiXforNinE is a new prog-rock band formed by George Kapa (guitars), Herc Booze (bass), Pete Outfox (drums). After composing their agile material via a stream of energetic jamming sessions, the band entered DevasoundZ Studios in 2010 to record their debut album. Fotis Benardo (SepticFlesh) serving as SixForNine's sound engineer and producer, became the band's new lead singer. The recording sessions were concluded in the summer of 2012. The album is mixed and mastered by Forrester Savell (Sum 41, Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus, The Butterly Effect etc).


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Maximum Threshold 13 Compilation CD is out FREE HERE!

Please support the artists on this Compilation release.
Maximum Threshold 13 Compilation CD is out FREE HERE!

Thats right, the latest CD compilation from Maximum Threshold is out and a great lineup is packed in it.

The Compilation is titled "13". We are known for our great titles and this one is fits perfect. All thether bands out there who named theirs 13 this year copied off us.

Get the Compilation here for free.

01. Octane Mob - Chaos
02. Black Water - Jenny
03. Death Alley Motor Cult - American Nightmare
04. Fierce Atmosphere - Where Night And Day Begin
05. Good Day To Die - Infected
06. Ampora - The Great Disappearance
07. MTMBOISD - Pro-Abortion
08. Mad Charlie - Won't Give it Up
09. Frank Palangi - I am Ready
10. Autmn Stay - Poison
11. MourningWagon - Whatcha Don't Know (Live)

Please pass this link on so we can see how many people are downloading the comp. We are making no money off this, this is all about the bands and their contributions to Maximum Threshold Radio over the years. Please note that there WILL be more compilations releases in the next few months. If you are a graphic artist and would like to contribute your MT comp ideas for a CD please do so by email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
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Here is what a few artist said about MT:

Selected for Maximum Threshold
Maximum Threshold is real champion of hard rock and metal. Top-quality site, the DJ's know their metal, and they feature huge special guests (including THUNDERDIKK, haha). Dom is a real pro, totally down to earth, and is truly interested in helping rockers gain exposure and success. We just had an on air interview (same night as Adrian Vandenberg) and are slated for a video interview as well. THUNDERDIKK definitely Thunderapproves Maximum Threshold!!!
I rated this gig:
Krista Ravengael 
Great communication and really good people. I would recommend this gig to anyone instested in working with quality people in the music industry.
I rated this gig:
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MT was founded on the principle to help artists succeed and to gain them additional exposure and to direct them to resources to aid them on getting to the next level. It is an honor to be able to have the opportunity to do this. Please take advantage of our MT Community here and let's work together to make things happen.


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