We here at Maximum Threshold have received over 5,000 submissions from artists over the past year and we are please to say that we have full-filled each and every artists request to be played on our show/network. MT was founded on the principle to help artists succeed and to gain them additional exposure and to direct them to resources to aid them on getting to the next level. It is an honor to be able to have the opportunity to do this. Please take advantage of our MT Community here and let’s work together to make things happen.Thanks!!

We are offering 3 packages at this time:

Plastic Package – $2.00 per song to have music placed in the 24/7 player (on high rotation) (1 month)

BrassPackage – $10.00 per song to have your song played on the weekly show Maximum Threshold Radio Show, we will also promote your website and any gig you have lined up or whatever you like.
(Music featured on the MTRS is for 1 month only)

Golden Package
$35.00 to have your music played, band interview, music in rotation, picture on front page, will also provide direct link to download exclusive interview (To be featured on show of your choice) (Music featured on the MTRS is for 2 months only special for June thru August)

Please note that if your music is on the MTRS on Saturday night that it will also be in the archive, weekly rotation and made available for download. This is a major outlet for the show and its music featured on the show. Also remember that this broadcast is also in syndication worldwide and has an enormous listener base.

I hope I made this simple to understand, should you have any questions please feel free to email them to:

Music Submission Packages

By clicking Buy Now you agree to all terms based above. Based on the nature of this process when upon payment to MT there are no refunds available unless music submitted is not played on the air, than in that case we will refund your donation to the Maximum Threshold airplay fund.