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DD Drums – New for 2021: Dios Maple 5pc with exotic zebra wood veneer shell pack

If you were ever looking for a kit to make the rest of the band jealous, this is it! The ddrum Dios maple with exotic zebra wood veneer kit packs the perfect amount of style and function that is sure to be the envy of every stage it graces. Thin North American Maple shells deliver […]


Vertex Effects Announces the Boost MkII

An updated take that includes top-mounted jacks, dual-buffer interface, and an ultra-linear clean boost. Vertex Effects is proud to release the long-awaited Vertex Boost MKII. Don’t let the single-knob design fool you. The Boost MKII is much more than a clean boost.Using the top-mounted 1/8″ TRS jack, you can use the Boost MKII as a […]