Ghost with support from Nothing More
The Ultimate Tour Named Death
Covelli Center
Youngstown, Ohio
October 10, 2019

On Thursday, the tenth of October, in the year twenty nineteen, I jumped in my buddies Camaro as we raced down Route 11. We were giddy with anticipation of seeing a favorite band of ours, the almighty GHOST! In our midst was a friend that had yet to see the pale band named Ghost, a virgin to the rock and roll, satanic musings of a group of Swedes. He was stoked to be deflowered by Cardinal Copia and his numerous Nameless Ghouls.

Before we get to our ritual with Ghost, Nothing More took the stage. Hailing from San Antonio, Nothing More brought a foreshadowing of the nights later rock style. The band shocked the audience by starting their set in pitch black with a blaring storm siren being crank atop a ladder by the lead singer. After that initial shock, we were greeted with superb vocal harmonies, radio friendly breakdowns and a high energy stage presence. If you need to take a break from boring radio rock, Nothing More is a breath of fresh air with their entertaining live set.

Now time for the main event. In preparation for the loving Satanic Swedes, incense is piped into the crowd like we were at Easter Sunday mass, but instead of a boring priest, Cardinal Copia is here to guide us through baptism of retro arena rock a la Blue Oyster Cult. The band of the Cardinal and Ghouls, also gives us some aural foreplay of haunting Roman Catholic tune, Miserere Mei, Deus from Gregorio Allegri. Now that we are all nice and lubed up, The Nameless Ghouls take the stage. Cardinal Copia then takes the stage, in possibly one of his last shows in the state of Ohio, as it has been announced that a new Papa will grace the stage for their next album cycle, slated to begin next year.

Ghost blasted through nearly a two hour, twenty song set consisting of songs heavily off of their third album, Meliora while touching on every album in their catalog. Copia would go through multiple suit changes, from a near Joker looking maroon to white to black. The Nameless Ghouls dueled guitar solos back and for as interludes to songs, sarcastically motioning that one was more proficient  than their counterpart. One of my favorite moments of the show was during the instrumental tune, Miasma, a Ghoul started to shred a keytar solo, followed by the only appearance of the eldest Papa, Papa Nihil, ripping a solo of his own but on a saxophone. Nihil put so much effort into his solo that he needed to take some hits off of an oxygen tank, hilarious. Not to be outdone by his father superior, Copia would trek out onto the stage riding a comically large olde tricycle during the set.

In closing, I highly recommend attending an aural ritual from the band named Ghost. Cardinal Copia or Papa, depending when experience them with greatly entertain you with his funny quips, succulent voice and operatic gestures. Ghost is thankfully praising their dark lord around the world in arenas, proselytizing the peace and love that only Satanism can give our species. Get out their a participate in the unholy ritual.

– Ed Battes



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