Mac Sabbath with special guests Speedealer and Lung to throw down at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland Weds Oct 19th

Doors: 7:00 PM / Show: 8:00 PM
Beachland Ballroom
$22 ADV $25 DOS

All Ages
It was the Year of Our Lord 2013, and I was devouring a cheeseburger in a Chatsworth, CA franchise of a certain multinational fast food conglomerate which shall remain nameless. A crazed skull face painted, dirt-bag, clown sat down beside me. This Skeletor reject of Uriah Heap introduced himself as Ronald Osborne and was familiar with my work. I was informed that Ronald, Slayer Mac Cheeze, Grimalice, and the Cat Burglar, were performing secret rock shows in the bunker-like basements of the local restaurants. But the time had come, he said, to bring drive-thru metal up from the “underground,” and he asked if I would consider becoming the manager. BAM! Abruptly we were thrown to the sidewalk. (Apparently the daytime manager was not informed of this activity) I looked over at Ronald, watched him brush off the sodium chloride and GMO remnants of my UN happy meal. Before I knew it, I was in a burger stand bomb shelter, witnessing Black Sabbath music, hilarious fast food lyrics, smoldering clown heads with laser eyes, a giant purple gumdrop bass player, and Tony Iommi with a giant cheeseburger head. I was confused, amazed and can’t ever remember feeling so………happy!

Speedealer originally formed in 1992 in Lubbock, TX. under the name REO Speedealer. Its founding members are James Follis [who named the band] (guitar), Rodney Skelton (bass), Jeff Hirshberg (vocals), and Chris Brown (drums). By early ’93 REO Speedealer had run its course and broke up.. Both Skelton and Hirshberg decided to return to Dallas, while Follis and Brown remained in Lubbock. Upon their return, Skelton, Hirshberg (now on guitar and vocal duties), Mike Noyes (guitar), Dave Woodard (vocals) and Jason Purtle [RIP]/Tonby Sheets (drums) reformed the band. REO Speedealer began to play local and regional shows, which in short order turned into DIY, “get in the van,” touring on the national level. In the fall of 1995 the band released its first eponymously titled full length record on Lori Barbero’s (Babes In Toyland) label, Spanish Fly — directly after the release of the record, Woodard split from the band.

The following year the group signed with Royalty Records, and it was at that time that the band began touring nonstop, worldwide, playing over 300 shows per year for the next eight years. 1996 also found the guys in the studio with producer Daniel Rey (Ramones, Gang Green, White Zombie, The Misfits, et al.) recording their second self-titled album. Shortly after the record’s release in ’97, REO Speedwagon served the band a cease-and-desist order on their moniker. As a result, the band shortened its name to Speedealer. And in the subsequent year, after the departures of drummer Todd Mcglaughlin and guitarist Noyes, the foursome – now consisting of Hirshberg, Skelton, and newly added drummer Harden Harrison (Rigor Mortis) and guitarist Eric Schmidt (Pervis) – recorded and released the Daniel Rey produced Here Comes Death. Just as the album hit the streets, Royalty Records folded, leaving Speedealer without either a label or support for their new record.

The band continued its intense touring schedule, pairing up with acts such as Motorhead. Fu Manchu, The Misfits, Neurosis, and GWAR. After their 1999 performance at SXSW, Palm Pictures A&R representative Michael Alago (who signed Metallica to Elektra) contracted the band to his label. Palm Pictures re-released Here Comes Death in 2000, as well as putting out the band’s fourth studio album, Second Sight (produced by Jason Newstead of Metallica), in 2001. Early in ’02, Speedealer parted ways with Palm Pictures. During that same year founding member Rodney Skelton left the band; and in 2003 Casey Orr (GWAR, Ministry, and Rigor Mortis) took over on bass and Speedealer recorded and released both Bleed (produce by Jeff Pinkus of The Butthole Surfers, Honky, and The Melvins) on Dead Teenager Records and Burned Alive (recorded live at CBGB, produced by Daniel Rey) on Radical Records.

Following their European tour in the summer of 2004, Speedealer ceased existing as a working, full-time band — though between 2008 – 2012 members would from time to time paly one-off shows, that is until; Hirshberg decided in the autumn of ’12 that he no longer wished to play live. However, in 2016 Schmidt and Harrison partnered with vocalist Daniel Barron (Swingin’ Dicks) and bassist Rich Pearson (The Buck Pets), reestablishing the band. And on November 6, 2018, Speedealer, along with Hirshberg, entered into Sonic Dropper Studio with Daniel Rey and Jim King at the helm to record its sixth studio album, Blue Days Black Nights (self-released May 6, 2019). Speedealer is currently touring in support of Blue Days Black Nights.

The band’s musical influences include but are not limited to The Butthole Surfers, Motorhead, The Misfits, Alice Cooper, ELO, Black Sabbath, and Judas Priest.

Venue Information:
Beachland Ballroom
15711 Waterloo Road
Cleveland, OH
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