August 10th marked the day the return of Vultan to the Winchester Music Tavern. This time not as a headliner but as a supporting act for Texas rockers Blacktop Mojo. The venue was almost sold out and the excitement for a loud rocking show was needed and this one was one that desperately needed. Coming off a year from the pandemic a lot of rust was expected to be plaguing the bands but from the very first note hit, it was evident that these guys shook that rust off and was ready for action! Vultan took to the stage coming in from the crowd playing starting with their show opener track “Impetuous Boy” and got the crowd into an early frenzy. Throughout their entire set they had the crowd screaming and really getting into their music, especially with their classic hit “What You Don’t Know,” they had the crowd singing along with them. Members of the band would occasionally run out into the crowd and perform parts of the songs and interact with the audience and bring the listeners into the show with them. It really worked.

This was a great show for the almighty Vultan and following them was the steady rocking Buffalo Ryders who brought their steam and their powerful bassist to the forefront. He was so memorable. Climbing onto the drums and leaping back onto the stage, this kept the crowd in the mix and brought dynamic endings. They also had the crowd singing along with them.

Blacktop Mojo is of course a band to be reckon with. People from nearby states came to Cleveland/Lakewood just to see this band and they made it known. I talked to people who drove from Minnesota just to see this show. There were even people from Germany there! Blacktop Mojo delivered an exceptional show giving their fans what they came to see. They had the whole club singing with them and excited to be there. They are definitely a band to check out if you have not seen them before.

Vultan – “Weight”

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