Corrosion of Conformity show review – Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA

Woody Weatherman and Jeff Kiss

Pepper and JeffKiss

Corrosion of Conformity show review – Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA

By: Jeff Kiss

The Metal Gods did us all a favor early this year with the release with Corrosion of Conformity’s No Cross No Crown coming out on January 12, and Black Label Society’s Grimmest Hits seven days later on the 19th. Both albums are two of the best metal releases of 2018. The Metal Gods got together again and said that these two bands would make a perfect pair for touring and they were right.

I was able to see one of the last shows of this package at the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA this past Thursday. Traffic was awful traveling from NJ so I wasn’t able to see the opening band Eye Hate God. Talked to a few people in the beer line who said they were great, and was surprised to see the number of t shirts supporting the band. A good sign to see support for newer metal bands. COC hit the stage with fans chanting those three letters as soon as the lights went down. Feeding off the crowd, the band ripped through all the classics that you would expect to hear from the Pepper Keenan era. One of the things that I loved was “Vote With a Bullet” wasn’t towards the end, but rather in the middle of the set igniting the already charged crowd. Another thing was the sound of the band in respect to instruments. That classic sound of Woody’s and Pepper’s ESP Vipers plugged into Orange Amplifiers sounded spot on from the albums I am use to repeating over and over. As we all get older, some of our favorite vocalists don’t sound like they used to. That is not the case with Pepper. Just like the guitars, bass and drums, all sounded great.

The tour with BLS is over, but COC has dates in Dayton OH, New Orleans LA, Houston Texas, and Fort Worth Texas going until August 18th. If you are close to those areas and looking for a great night out, I can’t tell you enough, this is a show you NEED to go to.

Before leaving the stage Pepper talked about headlining dates in 2019. Can’t wait!. I was lucky enough to see Pepper and Woody who were awesome with the fans, taking pics and signing items purchased from the nice girl working their merchandise booth. A great night, a great band!

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