Mac Sabbath – hits Cleveland and leaves it in shambles

Mac Sabbath – Cleveland, OH photo by Dom Rini

If you are reading this right now than you are already aware of the band Mac Sabbath.  A band that has snagged onto two different levels, the phenomenal musicianship of the band and the mixed meanings of the band name. Yes you guessed it by their name. Mixing Black Sabbath music with an alternative lyrics with fast food. Plus Ronald Osbourne has a gift of being a little magician on stage.

I’m not going to bore you with note by note and things that happened on stage. That is for you to check out.  What I will say is, that the music of Sabbath was really on point and the band sounded great. Ronald really kept the audience involved with the show and was extremely entertaining.

For a great time and entertaining event you need to check out Mac Sabbath at some point. I highly recommend a night out to see this band.

They are currently on tour with Lung and Speedealer
Members: Ronald Osbourne; Slayer MacCheeze; Grimalice; Catburglar





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