Morris Day and the Time – July 28th CAIN PARK

Its that time! Morris Day and the Time will make their trek to the legendary CAIN PARK this Saturday July 28th with the Ohio Players. This will be more than a magical night.

With his dynamic dancing and smooth yet gutsy, vocals, Morris Day played an essential role in the development of the Twin City dance/club sound of the 1980s. A founding member of Prince’s band, the Time in 1981, he remained with the group until 1984 when he launched his solo career. Returning for the first time in 1988, he performed and recorded with the Time from 1990 until 1991 and since 1995.

Day’s involvement with Prince traces back to 1980 when his composition “Partyup,” originally recorded when he was a member of the Enterprise, was covered on Prince’s Dirty Mind album. Releasing his debut solo album, Color of Success in 1985, Day reached his apex with his second solo album, Daydreaming, two years later. Produced by ex-Time members Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam, the album included the chart-topping R&B tune “Fishnet.” Day released his third solo album, Guaranteed in 1992. After Guaranteed, Day toured on-again, off-again without any new product. He finally returned to record store racks in 2004 with It’s About Time a mostly live album with a few new studio cuts, one including a guest appearance by rapper E-40. Day has appeared in such films as Prince’s autobio-pic, Purple Rain in 1984, and New Attitude in 1990.

Image of The Ohio Players

With special guests THE OHIO PLAYERS

The Ohio Players came into musical prominence in the 1970’s as pioneers of street funk and underground R&B. After signing with Mercury Records in 1974 through 1977, The Ohio Players landed three consecutive platinum albums: Skin Tight, Fire, and Honey. They had two number one singles on the Billboard Pop Charts — “Fire” and “Love Rollercoaster” — and five number one R&B singles — “Funky Worm,””Fire,””Sweet Sticky Thing,” “Love Rollercoaster,” and “Who’d She Coo.”

The Ohio Players have traveled the world and produced more than a dozen albums and received 14 gold and platinum awards for their labors. Currently, the band consists of 10 members, four of which are original members: James “Diamond” Williams (drums), Billy Beck (keyboard), Clarence Willis (lead guitar), Robert Kuumba (percussion).

The Ohio Players are enthusiastic and eager with the dawn of their new release, This is Your Night. The group’s first new release within 13 years is being released on the internet through Tune Core. And after 38 years in the business, this group is still setting stages on “Fire” and riding their own “Love Rollercoaster.”

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