Rock on the Range 2018 – Body Count Destroys Columbus

Rock on the Range 2018 did not disappoint. Friday was such a special night. With acts like Body Count, Alice in Chains, A Perfect Circle how could it not be a great day. In my eyes this was the best day to be there. AIC headlining the main stage.

I brought my daughter with me. I wanted her to (9 years old) to see what daddy does, and sort of take her to work with me.  Yes, taking her to a huge festival such as Rock on the Range is a milestone in her life.  I bet most people wish their parents would have taken them to events like this when they were young. Working the media tent and interviewing rockers is indeed a lot of fun.  Way passed the being “fan boyed out” it is now conversations and seeing old friends every year at this featured event. Networking with other stations across this great nation is also fun.

Happened to watch Body Count from the side of the stage.  I have seen them numerous times over the years and am always impressed with the ferocity that they deliver. Ice T connects directly with the fans and makes you feel like you are part of the concert, not just a viewer. But to watch Ernie C. just throw down is a sight to see! For me, this was the highlight of the day. To see a sea of humans all involved in the music was completely inspirational.

If you have not had a chance to check out Body Count please do so. Plus their latest release is clearly a top favorite in many metal categories. These guys are on fire and you need to witness the absolute destruction these guys bring on the stage.  Plus they are some really cool dudes as well!

Dom R., Ernie C., and Olivia

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