SPEEDEALER destroyed the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland 10/19

Speedealer - Cleveland Beachland Ballroom - Photo by Dom Rini

Speedealer – Cleveland Beachland Ballroom – Photo by Dom Rini

Speedealer rocked the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland 10/19

by: Dom Rini

It was a strong billed show with Lung, Speedealer and Mac Sabbath at the Beachland Ballroom in tropical Cleveland, OH.

Listening to many people in attendance it was evident that Speedealer seemed pretty new to most at the venue.  I, myself was new to them. I saw the guitarists Marshall’s, the JCM which double headed stood there on the stage like an Greek god waiting to be turned on a put on a destruction for the crowd.  I overheard from a guy behind me as he talked to someone else about this band what they sounded like. I heard a southern rockabilly thing. So I prepared for this, but seeing a flying V and the Marshall’s prepped made me think differently, because I know what them bad ass amps can do. They are electrifying.

Band took the stage and played a full powerful, high speed set. There were absolutely no vibe of rockabilly in it. I was really vibing with them. It was like a great 80’s crossover band that could easily be thought of as a modern version of DRI. A bad ass rockin’ punk band. Definitely the Texas bad ass came out of them.  The bass player and drummer were phenomenal! You can tell when a musician is really in the zone, their eyes are closed. That’s what I saw from the bass player. A beast on the bass!  And for the guy beating the shit out of the drums, well lets just say he blew me away. The vocalist never faltered and was in key throughout the performance. He was constantly engaging the audience and really took control of the stage.  He was awesome! Lets swing back to the guitarist.  Yeah I have a soft spot for guitarists, since I am one.  He made me an instant fan of him.  He was all over the place, on the stage that is, doing what every musician on a stage should be doing, making it look like you are an alien and stand out from everything else off the stage. With his foot in the air or back by the amp on his knees working that feedback out of the amps, he proved the Texas, hard rock/metal was more than alive, it was memorable!

Overall: Speedealer really blew me away and made a super fan out of me and I will definitely follow them more and look forward to getting their releases and diving deep into their catalog. I am so happy I got to be in the front row and to witness this ass kicking!

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