Arrests made in the stealing of Willie Adler’s (Lamb of God) guitar and other instruments

Arrests made in the stealing of Willie Adlers’s (Lamb of God) guitar and others instruments

While scanning through the net came across the feed that Lamb of God’s guitarist Willie Adler posting to please watch out for his guitar that was stolen after a show in Phoenix from the bands trailer. “His Warbird.”  We instantly jumped on board to post and try to do our research if it was up for sale anywhere. We and a few others found a link and sent him over the description/link of the guitar that was stated to be Lamb of God’s guitar. It was being sold for a mere $300. (link)

“ATTENTION ALL…and particularly in the Phoenix area,” writes Adler. “My main beloved Warbird, along with @jayceerva one of kind hand painted bass; were stolen early Thursday morning (May 2) from @akchin.pavilion in Phoenix. The pieces of shit that did this are suspected to be employed by @akchin.pavilion, local hands that were working Wednesday, our tour production day. Apparently, they waited around for all to leave, and made their way into the back of our semi to commit this felony. AGAIN..under the watch of @akchin.pavilion and their security. Karma is a fuckin bitch..”.

photograph by Roy Rochlin / Getty

“The venue is cooperating fully with local law enforcement. We cannot comment further as this is an ongoing investigation,” the company said.

The guitar is mostly black with the gold skeleton of a bird in homage to their 2004 album, “Ashes of the Wake.” There are also Roman numerals that add up to 1976. (see picture above)

Thousands came to the help to try and keep an eye out for this beloved instrument. As of today it was not recovered, but an arrest of three individuals where made. These characters posted online, tried to sell guitars at a pawn shop, only to eventually be busted.

William Widener, Michael Blakeslee and Justin Petersen were arrested.

Keep your eyes open for the instruments. As these are prized items for the band.

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