Canadian rockers TRIUMPH are back and so are Vultan and The Rotten Bastards

Coming from the Triumph website – You may have been wondering what Triumph has been up to for the last little while. We figured it was time to sit down with our fans and bring everyone up to speed. The Triumph train has been speeding down the tracks and the band has been keeping busy!  With many exciting things coming your way in 2021, let’s go behind the scenes!

COVID-19 hasn’t stopped us from getting together and working on some exciting things that are coming your way in 2021.
Triumph has lots of great projects on the horizon…stay tuned!

All dressed up!
An incredible evening celebrating Triumph’s official induction into Canada’s Walk of Fame
in 2019

We are excited to be “back” and connecting with our fans through this newsletter! We hope that this message brings a smile to your face and reminds you that TRIUMPH loves you! We have always held our fans, our Allied Forces, near and dear to our hearts. Thank you for hanging in there with us all of these years.
We promise to stay in touch and keep you in the loop, sharing details about events, projects, movies, music and all things TRIUMPH!

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On the Cleveland music front, them hard rockin’ winged assassins VULTAN will be releasing their latest masterpiece. A 11 song full length release to the masses. It will no doubt be one of the records you will want to put in your CD player and listen over and over. It will also be available on all streaming platforms.  They are currently shopping around a label for distribution. They music can be viewed as a cross between Metallica/Motley Crue/COC/KISS, and much more.  With the addition of Paul Hospodar on vocals they have really cemented their sound and have been taking the public by storm, well as much as they could with Covid creeping everywhere.


Paul Hospodar (Vocals)
Shannon Henkel (Guitars)
Michael Strong (Drums)
Domonic Rini (Lead Guitar)
Stephen Homan (Bass)


Listen to some Vultan below:




The Rotten Bastards

We are The Rotten Bastards. We’re just some dudes who love Rock ‘N’ Roll.

Cleopatra Records released the first album Year Of The Bastard in 2010. Described as Gutter Glam, it’s a mix of Rock ‘N’ Roll, Punk Rock and 80’s hedonistic Cock Rock.

11 years later, The Bastards acquired the rights back from the first album and release the follow up Bastard Of The Year. Still a mix of Rock, ‘N’ Roll, Punk Rock and 80’s hedonistic Cock Rock, the songwriting has matured, but The Bastards have not.

“We’re like boys in men costumes.” Dale Baker confesses, “The music and lyrics are still about sex, love and pain, but with 11 years of experiences under our belts, and I mean directly below our belts…Really, the biggest change fans will notice is that Christian (lead singer on Year Of The Bastard) was unavailable for recording, so Skyla (Talon) and I split up the vocals, melodies and lyrics.”

“We just wanted to get the songs out of our heads and into the Universe…We don’t have a message. We don’t care about politics. We don’t care about being PC. We just want to rock and I think that comes out in the tunes,” Baker added.

The first single Here’s To Us is available now where all Rotten music is sold.


The Rotten Bastards are:
Dale Baker: Vocals, Bass Guitar
Skyla Talon: Vocals, Guitars, Keys
Michael Strong: Percussion


Questions? Comments? Grievances?:


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