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The NAMM Show (National Association of Music Merchants), held every year in Anaheim, California, is a showcase for everything that is music related. It encompasses the entire spectrum of all things related to the business, from the smallest custom guitar pick to the most insane drum set.  It’s cliché, but it really is a musician’s paradise. For Maximum Threshold Radio, NAMM is serious business. We love covering the show, spotting new trends, and connecting with the entire aftermarket products on display. But at the core, we love walking the show and checking out the new amazing technology, and maybe rubbing elbows with one of the many rockstars attending all while trying not to GEEK the F-out.

Geeking the F-Out with Slipknots Jay Weinberg

NAMM features a handful of mammoth-sized convention halls filled with lighting and recording equipment and a seemingly endless outdoor playground that’s packed with all aspects from the industry. This includes outdoor stages, jammed packed award shows, like the NAMM Tec awards and the She Rocks Awards, all the keynote speakers, and much more. You’ll see live shows happen and rockstars walking, like Namm’s favorite Stevie Wonder. You will never know who you will run into.

This year was little special in the fact that Butte Strong United Choir was invited to perform in unity and sing at The NAMM Show, prior to a performance by pop/blues rocker Elle King on the NAMM Yamaha Grand Plaza Outdoor Stage. The choir is made up of students from Achieve High School, Chico High School, Inspire School of Arts and Sciences, Paradise High School and Pleasant Valley High School who were all effected by the destruction of the Camp Fire last November that completely decimated the whole town of Paradise, Ca.

Butte Strong United Choir – NAMM 2019

It seems every year the Winter Namm show gains more and more traction as thousand of people inside the music business flock to the Convention Center to talk music shop with others who have made that trek from all over the world . It’s a lot to see in one day, but somehow we get around to it all. And we always task ourselves with picking the hottest, most wild and craziest instruments to feature, like the 11ft amp, named The Beast, being played by SPINAL TAP’S Derek Smalls or the jewelry company Strung who made the trek all the way from New York to showcase their jewelry made from used guitar strings. They also have the Famous Artist Collection that is made from strings kindly donated by famous musicians, the first being David Ellefson of a little band you may have heard of called Megadeath. The co-creators, Jen & Tim, took a few minutes to talk to us about the jewelry line and also their band Blameshift. To hear what they had to say, check out the interview below. – Guitar String Jewelry

So while NAMM is a top ten story, we couldn’t resist adding loads of pictures below to show you our favorites. Nothing can really replace a trip to the NAMM Show, but this will get you close.


More Pictures From NAMM:

NAMM -2019

Geeking the F-Out with Duff McKagan GNR

Geeking The F-0ut with Dino Cazares Fear Factory & Divine Heresy.

11ft amp, named The Beast

Geeking The F-Out with Nicko McBrain Iron Maiden

Real Lego Built Guitar. Namm – 2019
Geeking The F-Out with Robert Baker, Ken Susi, Jeff Loomis and Timo Somers.
Pure Almond Wood Drumset. Namm – 2019

Geeking The F-Out with Jenny Mann and Tim Barbour of Strung Jewelry

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