Metal Injection premieres DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN’s latest masterpiece

Metal Injection premieres DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN’s latest masterpiece

Death metal/crust band Down Among The Dead Men which has members of Bolt Thrower, Benediction, Paganizer, Echelon, etc. have their music streaming at reputed site Metal Injection on the eve of their release date HERE. Here’s what Cody Davis had to say about the band –

“The new album packs 10 songs into roughly 30 minutes of runtime, creating swift, exacting blows of crusted death metal.”

– “an absolute corker” – Noisey (US)

– “they’ve honed it to the finest point yet” – Decibel Magazine (US)

– “swift, exacting blows of crusted death metal” – Metal Injection (US)

– “is going to take the top spot in my albums of the year list” – (Netherlands) 5/5

– “Nothing to complain about” – Zephyrs Odem (Germany) 10/10

– “death metal contenders for record of the year” – The Killchain (UK)

– “one of the highlights of recent times” – Hallowed (Sweden)

– “it is simply devastating!!!!” – VM-Underground Fanzine (Netherlands)

– “undoubtedly the result of many years of experience” – Kvlt (Poland) 9.5/10

– “an absolute must” – Lords of Metal (Netherlands) 91/100

– “another highlight of a unique artist” – Hell Is Open (Germany) 9/10

– “the ultimate in Grind/Crust Death Metal” – Rock ‘N’ Load (UK) 9/10

– “it rules” – Bravewords (Canada)

– “pounding” – Pure Grain Audio (US)

– “monstrous” – No Clean Singing (US)

– “a fucking blast” – Merchants of Air (Belgium)

– “easily the best supergroup” – Metal Addicts (US)

– “Ingram is on the best ride of his career here” – Wormwood Chronicles (US)

– “a devastating record” – Cadaver Garden (US)

– “ten deadly punches directed to the face” – Metal Eyes (Italy)

– “Flawlessly delivered, with a boot to the head” – Wonderbox Metal (UK)

– “a lot of fun!” – (Germany) 8/10

– “Delicious” – Reaper Zine (Germany) 8/10

– “pulsating spit-in-your-face attitude” – Overdrive Music Magazine (Australia) 8/10

– “never giving you a moment to catch your breath” – Dead Rhetoric (US)

– “provocative and dirty” – Heavy Metal (Denmark) 7/10

– “a Grindcore and Death Metal hybrid” – Glacially Musical (UK)

– “This throat can not do anything wrong” – Snooze Control (Belgium)

– “nothing that should be passed up for even a second” – Head-banger Reviews (US)

– “top-quality, neck-wrecking tunage” – Worship Metal (UK) 8/10

– “yet another winner for both men involved” – Third Eye Cinema (US)
Down Among The Dead Men (International) – ‘…And You Will Obey Me’ Autographed Silver and Blue embossed Black Box Set / CD with booklet / Merch / Digital (June 15th, 2018)

Genre – Death Metal/Crust
Release Date – June 15th, 2018
Record Label – Transcending Obscurity Records (India)
For fans of – Paganizer, Bolt Thrower, Benediction, Ursinne, Echelon, Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, Warcrab

Death metal legends David Ingram (ex-Bolt Thrower, Ursinne, Echelon) and Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Eye of Purgatory, Necrogod) team up to create a new chapter of the heaviest form of death metal/crust you’ll hear. With both members being in top form following the resounding success of Ursinne and Paganizer on the common label, they do something outstanding for Down Among The Dead Men, taking the unique sound forward without betraying the roots. The third album is the best one in their acclaimed discography where bludgeoning death metal meets the spunk of crust and leaves something unforgettable in its wake. Immaculately produced and executed as a fully functioning band, ‘And You Will Obey Me’ will go down as one of the strongest albums of this period.

Line up:
David Ingram – Vocals (ex-Bolt Thrower, Ursinne, Echelon, ex-Benediction, ex-Hail of Bullets)
Rogga Johansson – Guitars/Bass (Paganizer, Eye of Purgatory, Necrogod)
Kjetil Lynghaug – Session Leads (Paganizer, Echelon, Stass)
Erik R. Bevenrud – Session Drums (Stass)

Artwork by Turkka G. Rantanen (Demilich, Demigod, Galvanizer)

Track list:
1. Destroy The Infinite
2. Axis Of Insanity
3. …And You Will Obey Me
4. The End Of Time
5. Omega
6. House Of Blue Fire
7. The Age Of Steel
8. Eye Of Harmony
9. Darkness Of Glass
10. Panopticon

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