STARDUST – “Highway To Heartbreak” – CD Review

STARDUST – “Highway To Heartbreak” – CD Review

Frontiers Music s.r.l.

Release Date: Oct 9, 2020

Have you missed the anthemic releases? The glory music throwback from the old days that made you want to shake your ass and throw your fists in the air? Well Stardust has this release Highway to Heartbreak and this will definitely fill you up.

As the second track of this release they bring back a Pat Benatar classic “Heartbreaker.” This take is a more melodic rocking version. Synthesizer does the solo! If you are a fan of that sound you’ll love this.

This release has an all-star lineup, while listening to the songs you can definitely hear it throughout this. “Perfect Obsession” should be their catapult from this release. Such a great sounding ballad. It flows, has such great creative lyrics and is very memorable. You’ll be swaying along with the song in seconds.  Has that Goo Goo Dolls meets Tesla vibe to it. Did I say this song is catchy? It sure is. Great build up and breakdown and the awesome Phil Collins drum break back into the chorus. It was made to be a winner.

2nd Hand Love” follows the killer song and provides the late 80’s hard rock pop sound. This is a pretty crafty song, great lyrics, really catchy pre-chorus and chorus is right on.  “Shout it out Loud” has the same vibe, the Bon Jovi vibe, which is a good thing. This song has alot of movement to it and flows gracefully. Nice changes throughout. Chorus is extremely catchy and hooky a win!

Eye to Eye” delivers a nice feel.  Vocally I think this is the best song on the release. Stewart is up and down the vocal range and it sounds great. This song definitely showcases his skills. “Hey Mother” is just a straight up rocking classic track. Really digging this one. It does make you feel like you are living it up back in the day. Song brings a smile to your face.  Lyrically this song is firing on all cylinders. Really strong track.

The River is Rollin‘” starts off with  a nice bluesy riff. This track is a hard rocking ballad. This song should not have been so far down on this release. Its extremely powerful and sounds great.  Musically this song has such an awesome feeling to it and pulls you into it.

Overall: Stardust – Highway to Heartbreak is a modern day throw-back to the ballad rock hey days. With an awesome lineup and potential for rock radio and soft rock radio coverage this release has much to offer in a time when there isn’t much.  So if you are looking for something new with that creative vibe to it get your hands on this release when it comes out and give it a listen and pass it on to your friends as well.


Bullet To My Heart
Perfect Obsession
2Nd Hand Love
Shout It Out
Can’t Stop Loving You
Eye To Eye
Hey Mother
Blue Jeans Eyes (Bonus Track)
The River Is Rollin’

Adam Stewart – Vocals, rhythm guitars
Ben Martin – Bass
Dave Legrand – Keyboards
Facey – Guitars
Tim Keeley – Drums

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