RIP Frankie Banali – Dead at age 68

Frankie Banali, legendary drummer from the band Quiet Riot has lost his long enduring battle with his fight against pancreatic cancer.  He has given it a fight, one that most people would not have put up for as long as he has.  His 6 months to live turned into a 16 month stretch. It was an inspiration to many around the world not to give up and to keep fighting.

Banali was part of the band Quiet Riot whom reached the charts in the 80’s with Metal Health and reach #1 and knock many big hitters off.

Banali’s music will go on as it has never stopped.  So “Bang your head!”

Frankie, we will miss you.  You have always been a good friend of ours here at the show (Maximum Threshold Radio) over the years.  Until we rock again.  We can keep on typing about you but the world already knows all about you.  You were a great guy, you ran your band, it was your world and everyone knew it, you loved your wife Regina, you cared about animals, you loved great food and you were special.  People who knew you, knew the good stuff about you.

Time to put on the ’83 US Festival and watch when you was young and relive your young days and get a smile for you.

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