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The new Vultan EP is out. Get it and turn it up LOUD!

The special Vultan release is out with the three songs, “Impetuous Boy,” “Rising”, and “Driven.” Which have been released on Spat! Records.

The special artwork has been done by none other than their front-man Paul Hospodar. You can see that all the members of the band are hawmkmen including drummers’ Michael Strong’s dog Bubba.

Vultan lineup: Paul Hospodar (vocals), Michael Strong (drums / backup vocals), Dom Rini (Lead Guitar), Shannon Henkel (Guitar/backup vocals), Stephen Homan (Bass / backup vocals)

Vultan (EP) – Tracklisting
1. Impetuous Boy
2. Rising
3. Driven

Where to get Vultan
Deezer  / iTunes / Amazon / Spotify /


Keep your eye on the tour page when they hit your town.

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