#561 MTRS – James Skrtich (Impending Lies), Susan Fisher (Inkcarceration), Non Phil, Travis Meeks (Days of the New)

#561 MTRS – James Skrtich (Impending Lies), Susan Fisher (Inkcarceration), Non Phil, Travis Meeks (Days of the New)

Fun show for you this week. ad a fast little chat with guitarist James Skrtich (Impending Lies) and talked about their gig tonight as well as opening the Day 2 of the Inkcarceration Festival, Following this was Susan Fisher who is the with Inkcarceration Festival. Had a glorious call in from Non-Phil Anselmo. We talked a lot of shenanigans including the recent Vultan show. Ending the program was an interesting interview with Days of the New Travis Meeks. This interview was from 2009 and was on Üncensored Net Noise.  Dom was on the show back then with Chris.

Music played by: Heavy as Texas, and possibly a few more.

We also played the weekly Rock N Metal Newz segment.

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