#582 MTRS – Just a show to tie you over

#582 MTRS – Just a show to tie you over

#582 MTRS – Just a show to tie you over

Photo by Dom Rini

First off we want to wish the King a very Happy Birthday! King Diamond that is!

This was not a planned show by far. This was just a ragged put together show. Dom wanted to let everyone know that he will be unavailable for a few weeks due to the fact that he will be in the studio working on the full length record with the world famous VULTAN. So its be taking up alot of his time and will for the month and wanted to let everyone know that he has not forgotten about you. He is honing in on his craft and wanted to make the absolute best music he can with Vultan.  Please excuse the audio in this, it is pure crap! The music is great but his phone recorded audio is just pure crap! Did I say that already. Music featured on this episode is Frank Palangi as he currently released the video for “Gone Mad.” Also we are dropping the song for you by the NY hardcore band ENRAGE, the track All Right.  Finishing off the show if some tasty Vultan.  Enjoy this shortened show.

Music played: Frank Palangi, Enrage, Vultan

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