#585 MTRS – Bobbie Brown, Mourning Wagon, Catherines X, Napalm Death, Tony West, Immolation

UNSPECIFIED – CIRCA 1970: Photo of Van Halen Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

RIP Eddie Van Halen. You were a legend’s legend.  A king among musicians. And everyone knew it! You are one that can never be replaced.  You changed the landscape of the guitar playing, you inspired millions of people and gave joy to a lifetime to come with your music. You will live on in our hearts.

This episode goes back a few years so enjoy what happened a while back.

WOW A smoking show tonight. Great interviews, well hilarious  interviews and some new music. Not a whole lot of music but a nice sprinkling. Played the Rock N Metal News segment also.

Music played- Soil, Flowis, Steel Panther, Oliva, MourningWagon,  Loudness, Ghost, Shallow Grave, Blacklist Union, Bubble Brigade, Napalm  Death, Catherine’s X, Immolation, and a few more.

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