CD Review – A Killer’s Confession Album: The Indifference of Good Men

Band: A Killer’s Confession
Album: The Indifference of Good Men
Label: Wake Up! Music
Release Date: 10/18/19
Reviewer: Douglas Esper

AKC returns with a new line up, but retains a similar sound to their debut from a couple years ago.

With a focus on dynamics, “Numb” creeps forward from a piano-lead verse into an explosive chorus and chugging breakdown. “Cocaine” is an off-kilter hard rock song, driving and grinding. Anyone who has heard Waylon in his previous projects knows his vocal delivery has been influenced heavily by Maynard James Keenan, and “The Shore” might showcase this more than any other tune. The bass and drum groove plod underneath his softly sung verses until the band crash together for a slow yet heavy refrain.

The production on the album is slick, giving each element its space without losing the energy of the performances. Some songs have heavy electronic layers that mesh well along the driving guitar riffs. Listeners might enjoy the pop hook on “I Wish” or the industrial brutality of, “One Step.”

Fans of Perfect Circle, Korn, Linkin Park, and Breaking Benjamin take notice. This album has an updated take on what you love.

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