Dorothy – “Gifts From The Holy Ghost” (2022 Roc Nation Records) Album Review

Dorothy – “Gifts From The Holy Ghost” (2022 Roc Nation Records) CD Review

by Dom Rini

If you are looking for something fresh this Spring get your hands on the new Dorothy release “Gifts From The Holy Ghost.” It is packed with all those fun groove tunes that Dorothy has been known to put out over the years. But in this release it seems she has upped her game and the production, lyrically and musically.

“Gifts From The Holy Ghost” is intensively and strategically designed.  Each song is extremely catchy and you can tell they put alot of time into the structure of the song, in particular the pre-chorus’ and the choruses. Every song has a strong and deliberate catchy hook to them. Strong songs that can be very anthemic at times.

“A Beautiful Life” is such a great song to open the release. It has all those features in the song that makes you want more, especially wanting to hear more songs on this release. “Big Guns” has a few twist to it. You would think she was twisting a country song into a groovy track. The verses are strong but the chorus gives you that Dorothy rhythmic vibe that she is so noticeable for. “Rest in Peace” is a deep vibe song with a circular vibe that draws you into it.

“Top Of The World” is classic Dorothy sound. A real ass shaker! Awesome lyrics. “Close to Me Always”, is a great song. Musically there are no low-points to this. Extremely melodic and Dorothy explodes in this song and makes this song a strong stand-out track.

“Black Sheep” another classic Dorothy vibe song. Very bouncy and groovish. This one should be one to really check out and would be nice to hear this at sporting events. Awesome song! “Touched By Fire” is a powerful track and the guitars shine in this one. Strong riffs and really memorable chorus.

“Gifts From The Holy Ghost” is another standout track with such a strong melody throughout. Vocally it rides right along with the guitar.  Has a nice fresh vibe to this track. Vocally it has to be her best song on this release. Ability to sing in the upper range and keep the melody strong is very evident. Such a great song to listen to and fall for.

Overall: Dorothy “Gifts From The Holy Ghost” is like a blueprint for any band wanting write an anthem of a song. Created for the listeners to dive in and to learn these songs and to sing along with it, really loud!  This has to be her best release to date as it shows the whole band’s evolution and maturity.

Grab it today!!

“Gifts From The Holy Ghost” track listing:

01. Beautiful Life
02. By Guns
03. Rest In Peace
04. Top Of The World
05. Hurricane
06. Close To Me Always
07. Black Sheep
08. Touched By Fire
09. Made To Die
10. Gifts From the Holy Ghost

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