Motley Crue – THE DIRT (movie review)

By Dom Rini

I’m going to be brief and get to the point. This movie was taken from the Motley Crue book and was a pretty good representation of it.  The band had input into the book.

The chronological factors were about 70% accurate in my eyes but who cares what I think. I thought the movie flowed very well. The acting, as best as they could for these parts did a good job pulling it off. Hey when you are talking about the 80’s unless you lived in that time period you could not really understand how nuts it was. I grew up during those days and even lived out there in Cali during the mid 80’s to 90’s and lived the metal and hard rock culture. So this movie was a no brainer.

I enjoyed how they started the band up and the lineup change, things people never really think about. It does take a lot of good chemistry to keep a band together and harmonious.

In my opinion I think MGK did a great job pulling off the Tommy Lee role. He looked so seasonal on the drums and played his character very well.  Most of the times you were so sucked into the story-line that you forget they are just actors and its just a movie. Which was good, because I have a habit for over analyzing movies and commercials.  I know these actors put it all into their role and did a great job. The kid who played Skyler did a pretty good job and had me believing her. The sad parts where pretty touching.

I think if you are a fan of Motley Crue and want to see something fun for a change than check it out. It’s worth it.  Plus it had lots and lots of boobs in it!  I wanted to see more Corabi material in it but hey you only have so much time to put into a movie. I recommend it! All the haters can screw off and listen to country or whatever! If you are not a metal head or a rocker who loved sunset Blvd music than this isn’t for you   It’s about rockin a dream!!!!

4/5 Boobs Rating

Would really love to see this broke down into more pieces.

Check out Motley Crue’s movie THE DIRT its everywhere but they say exclusively on Netflix.

Oh one thing that bugged me out was Mick Mars guitar. It was an Epiphone and not a Les Paul Custom. Must have been product placement.  That’s about it. Take an hour of your life and check it out. Had some good music in it.  Oh one more thing. When Nikki was a little kid he destroyed his record collection and I saw a Kiss Dynasty record! That came out in 79. The scene was supposed to be 75 or something like that.

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