Skid Row – “The Gang’s is All Here” review – Its a record of riffs!

Skid Row

80’s banger Skid Row have just recently put out their latest effort “The Gang’s All Here” with the addition of new vocalist Erik Grönwall and to break this down this down to you.

The long awaiting (if 16 years isn’t long enough) latest Skid Row release give you a vibe to where they left off after Slave to The Grid. Starting off with the opening track “Hell or High Water” definitely has that vibe. With the great riffs that the guys have been known for delivering back in the day.  Great track. The song “The Gang’s all Here” has a more modern vibe to it but is really heavy and really melodic. “Not Dead Yet” really shows off Erik’s vocals. Really hitting the high notes and holding them.  I keep hearing Steel Panther vibe in this music, not the lyrics, great solo in it. Erik shines in this one. The most catchiest track on this release has to be “Time Bomb” with the tick, tick, tick, tick.  One listen you’ll be sucked into this song and especially the tick. Chorus is extremely catchy and memorable. You’ll hit rewind on this classic track.

Skid Row

“Resurrected” has the great guitar riffs and pinch harmonics in it and the verse riff is just as powerful, Another hooky chorus pulls this song through. Its an overall head bobber of a song. “Nowhere Fast” seems to be the anthemic song on this release. Its full of Skid Rowish vibes and just rolls through. This could be a good song to go mainstream radio for them. “When the Lights Come On” is another powerful rockin’ song that is full of piss and vinegar, fulfilling the guitar riffs and hooky lyrics.  Get a Crue vibe with this one for sure. Great cruising track.

“Tear it Down” an instant classic hard rocking song right here. You’ll be singing along with this song before mid-point. “October’s Song” the infamous ballad track. Sounds like a classic Skid Row ballad.  Great lyrics and melody line is fantastic.  Could definitely see people really digging this and wanting to hear it get airplay.  Lets hope! Ending this release is “World on Fire.” Great song, great riff and solo is phenomenal. Chorus is catchy and has a nice tempo throughout.

Overall:  This was way more than I expected from Skid Row on this record. With the addition of Erik to the band he totally elevated this band and know that this will bring back older fans back.  Give it really high marks as I love the guitar riffs and thank God for the solo’s!!!!  Wish there were a few more tracks on this one. Next release I am sure will be more jelled and more refined with Erik in the band. Looking forward to that one for sure!

I could have talked about the recording process and who they brought in to bring them back to the old Skid Row vibe but I’m sure if you were a die hard fan you would have already read up on that.  I just wanted to go over the songs and give my “feelings” of how I felt about the songs.  Being a hard rock/metal guitarist I love hearing the riffs and and progression into the chorus’ and everything just melts together.

Skid Row – taken from the video Tear it Down

Current lineup: comprises bassist Rachel Bolan, guitarists Dave Sabo and Scotti Hill, drummer Rob Hammersmith and vocalist Erik Grönwall

Skid Row, ‘The Gang’s All Here’ Track Listing
1. “Hell or High Water”
2. “The Gang’s All Here”
3. “Not Dead Yet”
4. “Time Bomb”
5. “Resurrected”
6. “Nowhere Fast”
7. “When the Lights Come On”
8. “Tear It Down”
9. “October’s Song”
10. “World’s on Fire”
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