Movie Review : Terrifier 2 (2022)

by: Dom Rini

Well here we go!! Been waiting a long time for this to get my eyes on the new Terrifier flick. Was so sucked into the first movie that this one was more anticipated than a stimulus check! Thank you Damien Leone for this one!

If you have seen Terrifier than you are very aware of the main character Art the Clown.  Art is a evil  psycho killer dressed as a clown. Who loves to kill, and not just kill slowly, he is a slasher and an aggressive destroyer of the human flesh.

In the latest installment we have a better follow up from the first movie. This one takes off right where the last one ended up, in the morgue. I’m not going to break this whole movie down but will definitely tell you why I enjoyed this movie and why you may want to take 2 1/2 hours of your life and devote it to this flick.

80’s slasher movie with a grind house effect with a modern day vibe. Yes that’s what we have here. A budget of $250k that delivered a multi-millon dollar movie. Great story line, nice character buildup and it makes you care about the characters and their relationships with each-other.  The acting on this production was way more than what I was expecting. The acting was so good at

Sienna – Terrifier 2

times that it didn’t seem like you were watching a sleazy horror flick. It really brought you into it.  Of course there were so many destruction’s of the human body in this movie but it didn’t make you turn your head away, you watched and wondered what the Clown was going to do next, and yes there was a twist in each killing.  One example, when a lady had her head chopped off Art answered the door to trick or treater’s and had kids pick candy from the candy dispenser, which was the lady’s head! What a classic scene. For a clown who said not one word in this movie he was awesome. Did a great job convey his ideas to the viewer in just miming.

There were many characters that were in this movie and memorable scenes.  Even Jonathan’s bedroom which was littered with Slayer, Overkill, Mercyful records on the wall as well as Metal Blade Records poster.  Heard these were from his personal collection from him real home.  Love it!

Some of the top acting came from Lauren LaVera who played the co-lead role as Sienna. She did such a great job capturing this character and making you care about what happens to her. Sarah Voigt who played Barbara, Sienna and Jonathan’s mother really blew the doors off this movie with her acting.  She was believable. Playing a stressed out single mother who was strict on her kids and suffered her own demons. Elliott Fullam who played Jonathan did a great job and the caring little brother. He had numerous great scenes that he pulled off.  Keep it up!  Casey Hartnett, who played Allie was dynamite and was great all the way to

Chris Jericho - Burke - Terrifier 2 - Maximum Threshold Radio
Chris Jericho as Burke – Terrifier 2

her death!  Can’t forget that Chris Jericho also had a cameo in this movie which he did it justice, bravo Chris! And of course David Howard Thorton who played Art the Clown. He deserves awards for his performance in this movie, whatever is up he needs to win it.  Seriously, the acting was such better than expected.

I await the next installment of Terrifier and what gore and fun it will bring. Great Halloween movie right here! Highly recommend you to check this one out, if your stomach can handle it. Bring on Terrifier 3.

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