Woven Man – “Revelry (In Our Arms)” (Undergroove Records) CD Review

CD Review – Woven Man – Revelry (In Our Arms)

Underground Records

by Dom Rini

A breathe of fresh air is finally attained this year with the release of Woven Man’s latest efforts. This release delivers a nice knock out punch and musically is powerful enough to get you to break stuff that’s around you and also strong enough melodically and lyrically to get you to sing along with it.

This band is really hard to pigeon hole exactly what they sound like. I would say a cross between a wicked Corrosion of Conformity and a Motorhead vibe.  This is a must check out and definitely is a great release to blast in you vehicle at extremely loud levels!

Make Woven Man latest release “Revelry (In Our Arms)” part of your collection today!



Carmarthenshire quintet Woven Man will release their debut mini album ‘Revelry (In Your Arms)’ via long-running UK label Undergroove (Mutation, Weight Of The Tide, Servers, The Ghost Of A Thousand).

Woven Man were formed by guitarist Lee Roy Davies – formerly of legendary cult stoners Acrimony, power-violence crew and former Undergroove band Black Eye Riot, and riff monsters Lifer.

Recorded by Tim Hamill at Sonic One Studio in Llanelli, ‘Revelry (In Your Arms)’ features five crushing songs and clocks in at over 35 minutes.

It’s a celebration of the Welsh culture, its landscape and a true appreciation of life.
Featuring songs inspired by the classic horror movie The Wicker Man, the loss of loved ones and grief, and a respect and adoration of nature, there is also a nod to Lee Roy’s old band in the record’s opening track.

Says Lee Roy: “Opening track ‘Calling Down The Leaves’ is a nod to old Acrimony song ‘Leaves Of Mellow Grace’. It’s also a nod to a village where some of us live and are from called Tirydail, which translates from Welsh as ‘ land of leaves’. The old Acrimony song was about smoking weed at Tiydail, ‘Callling…’ is the follow on from that track, drawing strength from our home village.”

Musically, as their moniker suggests, Woven Man’s ethos is a rich tapestry of metal and its genres, all entwined to create a power house of riffs and sonic enrichment for all to enjoy.
Available on all digital formats, ‘Revelry (In Your Arms)’ is also available to pre-order on limited edition digipak CD – direct from Undergroove now:


Woven Man – “Revelry (In Our Arms)” Tracklisting
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