#581 MTRS – Paul Stanely, Sean Peck

#581 MTRS – Paul Stanely, Sean Peck Ok, so this is just an insane show for you this week. A drunk Paul calls in and talks about everything!  From getting his anus inspected in New Jersey at a grocery store because of a possible stealing.  We talked about the TV show Three Company, Jenny in […]

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#565 MTRS – Ronz World, Paul Stainley, Titans In Time, Impending Lies

Dom talked with Ron from Ronz World Guitars,  legendary Paul Stainley called in, hilarious!, Titans in Time and Impending Lies were also on the show, which were interviews from Inkcarceration Festival. Music Played: Volbeat, Riot V, Impending Lies, Liv Sin and possibly a few more. We also played the weekly Rock N Metal Newz segment. […]