#576 MTRS – Vultan EP breakdown and Corona Virus

Domonic breaks down the production of the new Vultan EP track by track from his perspective and his parts in the songs. All three songs were played. Also his take on the Corona Virus and how serious he sees it. Music played: Vultan, Ravenscroft. Thanks for tuning in to our live broadcast of the Maximum […]


#574 MTRS – Kevin Roentgen (Buckcherry), The Suede Brothers

After a bit of a vacation away from the mic we make a bit of a return for a little. We return with a pretty fun interview with old friend Kevin (guitarist) from Buckcherry, and those crazy guys from The Suede Brothers who knocked the crowd dead opening for Buckcherry.  Plus you get to hear […]


#569 MTRS – Wage War, Okilly Dokilly

From the vault interview with Michael, Dom and Jeff at Rock on the Range they had a blast with the band Wage War and these cats weren’t down with our fun.  Very evident in this interview, this is a must listen to and feel the uncomfortable feeling. Gotta love it!  Also Dom played an interview […]

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#555 MTRS – Interview with Overkill’s Jason Bittner

#555 MTRS – Interview with Overkill’s Jason Bittner Such a fun and power packed show for you tonight. Touched on M3 Rockfest, played some new music that was sent in, and of course the great interview with drummer extraordinaire Jason Bittner from the band Overkill. With Jason we covered hard hitting topics, such as metal […]


#550 MTRS – Woven Man, Ruthless

#550 MTRS – Woven Man, Ruthless Tonight we had a live call with Donal Owen (drummer) from the bad ass band Woven Man. Donal fielded numerous questions from the chatroom as well as Dom.  Spoke about the latest release by the band Revelry (In Our Arms).  Radchad made his way to the land of winter […]


#541 MTRS – Brandon Hardesty (Bumpin Uglies), Robert Berry (3.2)

Super duper show for you this week. Had a few great conversations.  Brandon Hardesty from Bumpin Uglies called in and we talked about their upcoming tour, video blogs, youtube, The Golden Girls and so much. A great listen.  Later in the show we had Robert Berry call in and talk about his release 3.2 which […]

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This Saturday night show: Interviews with Queensryche, Lynch Mob, Michael Sweet, and Los Kung Fu Monkeys

This Saturday night 8pm ET on the weekly edition of the Maximum Threshold Radio Show will be interviews with – Queensrÿche (w Todd La Torre, and Michael Wilton) Lynch Mob, Michael Sweet (Stryper), and Los Kung Fu Monkeys   Click the link to tune in to MTRS. Its always on 24/7 https://tunein.com/radio/Maximum-Threshold-Radio-s119637/     Please […]