Sam Mooradian (Fallujah) Ready To Unleash Mind Bending Solo Prog Album “Bad Brain”

Sam Mooradian is a progressive metal guitarist, composer, and creator based in Boston, USA. Since starting his guitar-centric YouTube channel, Mooradian has become the touring guitarist for Fallujah, co-founded band Inhale Existence, and has launched his self-titled solo project. He is ready to drop his debut album “Bad Brain”, which is inspired, musically and lyrically, by problems in the brain. It’s very groovy and catchy, but also dissonant and jarring merging the two in an organic, enjoyable way. Mooradian shares his excitement:

“Bad Brain feels like a musical companion to emotionally difficult times. It’s the result of years of trying to hone my own sound and style of prog metal while also navigating significant life changes and events, so it’s very fulfilling to have it finally released. I’ve always been driven to push all the elements of songwriting and structure to the absolute limit while keeping the music catchy and enjoyable; I think Bad Brain does that pretty well. Lots of crazy time signatures and tempo changes. Lots of untraditional arrangements. It’s dark, it’s melancholic, and it takes some interesting twists and turns. Hopefully, it’ll break your brain a little.”

Mooradian suggests that the best way to enjoy this thrill ride of an album is from front to back. He wrote with the album in mind, and in order, and wants people to be surprised by some of the risks and turns the record takes throughout its flow.

Mooradian started on a darker, more death metal-inspired path. He had a few EPs over the years that he didn’t do much with and the 2018 EP “Depression For Breakfast” feels like the strongest predecessor to his first full-length “Bad Brain”/his current sound. Those projects have led him here, playing a sound and style that he relates to the most naturally – ultra weird, dark, experimental prog.

Weird and challenging, “Bad Brain” was written, performed, produced, mixed, and mastered by Mooradian, with a handful of guests adding flavor. It is recommended for all prog fans, especially those who like to dig into the truly unique. It will especially be of interest to fans of Plini, Gorguts, and Animals As Leaders.

“Bad Brain” is out as of July 28th, 2023, and available on all digital platforms.

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Track Listing:
1. Bad Brain – 4:39
2. Suspicious Gait (feat. Flub) – 5:30
3. Titrate Down (feat. Blumen) – 5:57
4. Real Anger – 2:19
5. Tinnitus (feat. The World Is Quiet Here) – 4:31
6. Assassin Mad (feat. Archaeologist) – 13:20
7. Find Someone Else – 1:15
8. Spies Are Listening – 2:59
9. Come And Get Me – 4:26
Album Length: 44:57

Album Recording Credits:
• All songs performed by: Sam Mooradian
• All songs written by: Sam Mooradian
• Produced by: Sam Mooradian
• Mixed by: Sam Mooradian
• Mastered by: Sam Mooradian
• Album Artwork by: Brendan MacAllister

Album Band Lineup:
Sam Mooradian – Guitar, bass, programmed drums, synths, vocals
Michael Alvarez / Flub – Vocals on track 2 / Suspicious Gait
Richard Blumenthal / Blumen, Aviations – Piano on track 3 / Titrate Down
Isaac Stolzer-Gary / The World Is Quiet Here – Second guitar solo in track 5 / Tinnitus
Kyle Schaefer / Archaeologist, Fallujah – Vocals on track 6 / Assassin Mad

Live Band Lineup:
Sam Mooradian – Guitar
Lucas Koughan – Bass
Dylan Hughes – Drums

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