Steel panther

Steel Panther with Crobot and Tragedy at the Bluestone Columbus, Ohio

Steel pantherSteel Panther with Crobot and Tragedy at the Bluestone Columbus, Ohio


On a balmy Wednesday night, there’s nothing that can make the throngs throw on some spandex, big hair wigs and jump into a time machine set to the late 80s quite like Steel Panther. Often cast aside as a joke or a spoof, what the neigh sayers miss out on is that this cat is a well oiled rock n roll machine. Take away the over the top sexual humor and all the self deprecating one liners and what do you get? A night of high energy, well written and rehearsed songs by four very talented musicians.

With the crowd singing along to every word from the first line of “Eyes of a Panther” to the last chorus of “Gloryhole”, Steel Panther had everyone in the palm of their paws. Delighting the masses with older cuts from their debut album all the way through to scorching new tracks from the recently released “On the Prowl”, these fine upstanding gentlemen delivered the goods. Every song showcases each member at some point, even as they mock each other and perform purposely bad choreography. If Steel Panther can’t entertain you, it’s your own fault.

“Asian Hooker”, “Community Property” and “1987” were definitely crowd favorites.

Crobot has always been up to the task of sharing the stage with anyone, winning over the most dismissive loyal fans of any headliner. There is no off switch on these fellas, they are going to run you over at 1000 miles an hour and you’ll ask for more.  One of the tightest units on the road these days, it’s a shame more people aren’t hip to their jive. Opening with “Electrified”, that’s just what they did to the crowd until the last notes of “Without Wings”. “Low Life” seemed to be their most recognizable song based on all the off-key singing from the crowd. But the trifecta of “Chupacabra”, “Necromancer” and “Gasoline” was when these guys truly caught fire. If you get the opportunity, go see Crobot. You’ll want to kick your own ass for not discovering them years ago.

Tragedy opened the festivities with rocking takes on  old disco tunes. Dressed even more over the top than the die hard Fanthers, they powered through classics such as “It’s Raining Men”, “Stayin’ Alive” and of course “Tragedy”. Some of the crowd just shook their heads, but the ones who got it, shook their booties. A fun concept, done well.

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