TESLA rocks MGM Northfield March 16th

Tesla with Kurt Deimer

Saturday March 16, 2024
MGM Northfield
By: Michael Strong

There’s always an electric charge in the air when Tesla is about to hit the stage. What will they open with? What deep cuts will they treat us to? What favorites will they have to omit? Yet there is never a question if they will deliver the goods.

Tonight, our boys from Sacramento went strait for the jugular. Opening with “Cummin Atcha Live” and “Modern Day Cowboy” immediately letting the packed house know they’re out for blood tonight. After those powerhouse cuts from their 1986 debut, they dazzled the crowd with a brand new song “All About Love”, showing us that almost 40 years later that they can still craft a tune like no other.

Frank Hannon and Dave Rude provided intoxicating, slinky and dexterous guitar work throughout the set, especially during “Heavens Trail”, “Edison’s Medicine” and the delicate into of “Love Song”.
The hypnotic grooves of “Changes” really showcases Brian Wheat and Steve Brown locked in as a rhythm section. Although not the technician as long time drummer Troy Luccketta, Steve Brown brings a whole different energy to the drumming, while staying true to the songs.

“Gettin’ Better” and “What You Give” were my personal highlights of their set. The former being sort of the theme song of my life, as Tesla has a way of touching people and relating to their very souls. And the latter as being one of the single most perfect songs ever written. Jeff Keith makes you feel every word, every bit of emotion and there wasn’t a dry eye in the place, at least not my two eyes.

The fans would probably riot if Tesla didn’t play “Little Suzi” and “Signs”, which were the closers for the evening.
Every song was delivered with conviction, precision and love. There are not many bands that can continue to be excellent live for almost 40 years like Tesla can.

Opener Kurt Deimer
Set the stage with a somewhat different type of rock, but rock n roll no less.
His band is tight and very proficient.
Playing his popular cuts, Kurt and his band got the crowd fired up. Highlights includes “Doom”, the newest single “Dance”, their cover of Pink Floyd’s “Cigar” and “Whatcha Sayin’” had the crowd on their feet.

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